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Past Projects:
Adi Keshi Internally Displaced Camp

We have been active in supporting Eritrean children by providing sport and educational material, as well as basic medical items. We have mostly worked in schools that were set up for internally displaced children during the recent border war. Many schools and clinics were destroyed especially in Southern Eritrea.
As consequence of the war in 1998-2000, more than a third of the Eritrean population became internally displaced; the majority of them were women and children.  Some of the children had lost their parents during the fleeing, or their parents passed away as a result of the conflict. The Adi Keshi camp was located 100 km from the City Barentu, the regional capital of Zoba (province) of Gash Barka. There were approximately 55,000 people at the camp. After the peace agreement in 2000, some were able to go back, but around 18,000 people still remained.
Foundation Massawa tries to work in a holistic manner. Thus, starting from the ideology a child must/needs to be able to play, Foundation Massawa decided to collect sport equipments for the children in the war zone.  Because health a vital part of a bright future we wanted to provide basic medicine at their schools for these children.  Finally, since education is the main driver for a better and successful future we wanted to support educational initiatives by supporting their material needs for the lessons.
Foundation Massawa has supported three schools (Red Sea, Kalsi, and Junior) with 3400 students and 62 teachers.  Unfortunately due to our limited budget we could not honor all the requests.  But, we hope Foundation Massawa together with our donors have contributed in a small way towards the positive future of the children in Adi Keshi , despite their difficult situation. In 2008, most people have returned home or to a new place when that was not possible.

Books for Eritrea

Between 2001-2002, the Books for Eritrea project was carried out with the collaboration of Foundation Massawa, NUFFIC (the Netherlands Organization for international Cooperation in Higher Education), University of Maastricht, private individual donors, and the Eritrean Ministry of Education. The University of Maastricht donated a large amount of academic books, many Eritrean and friends of Eritrea donated money, which was also used to buy new academic and vocational books. NUFFIC financed the transportation of the books to Eritrea.  The Department of General Education at the Eritrean Ministry of Education took the responsibility of distributing the books where appropriate. 
The books have been distributed to the Ministry of Health Library, the Agriculture school, and the public Library of the Ministry of Education.

Dam tot Damloop – Meet & Greet with Zeresenay Tadese

Last year we organized a Meet & Greet for Eritrean kids in the Netherlands with the winner of Dam tot Damloop 2007, the Eritrean Olympic medallist, Zeresenay Tadese.  Zeresenay Tadese is a hero in the Eritrean community. Many aspiring youngsters lookup to Zeresenay, the first athlete to have won an Olympic medal in the history of Eritrea at the 2004 Athens Olympics.