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Assistance Orrota Referral Paediatric Hospital (emergency Unit)

In our effort to support the emergency unit at the ORROTA paediatrics referral hospital, thanks to our dedicated supporters we have collected € 2724,30 by organizing a sponsor Run at the DAM tot DAM loop 2008.

While preparing to send the material that was urgently requested, we were also offered to buy a mobile x-ray machine for a friendly price and of excellent quality complements of Oldelft Benelux, a medical equipment company (see photo). This x-ray machine is very important for the emergency unit because it allows the doctor to take x-ray of the child or baby while lying in bed. Often children are very ill when they get to the emergency and it is better not to move them or make them stand to take x-ray. Sometimes they are too ill to even go to the radiology for x-ray.  This x ray is also used in Dutch Hospitals. The best part is; the machine is ready to use the moment it arrives at the hospital – plug-in and ready to go!

We have a guarantee if it does not work and our secretary Diana, who is also a radiologist, will travel to Eritrea in May and will provide any assistance needed.

We will not be able to buy everything with money we have collected thus far.

We are kindly asking you for some financial support so that we can take advantage of this great opportunity.  Below is the breakdown of the costs.

Description Price
Transport Germany Massawa
Storage till transport
Transport Holland Germany
Mobile X-Ray cost
Contribution Foundation Massawa
Contribution Foundation Vrienden Mekane - Hiwot

Hammerforum donation
Oldelft Benelux donation
€ +/- 500
€ 3808 (incl. tax)
€ 1000
€ 1000
€ 4308
€ 2000

Still Needed € 2308

Hammerforum a German NGO of doctors working in Eritrean hospitals have been kind enough to pay for the transport to Eritrea, oldelftbenelux has obliged to keep the machine free of cost until we send it.  Stichting Mekane Hiwot has contributed  €1000. Foundation Massawa has contributed the same amount (the rest of the collected money will be use for sending the other requested material).

For any donation please mention your name and address and/or email so we acknowledge your contribution and update you with the progress. Click here to go directly to the donation page.

For more info on our supporters visit:

Oldelft Benelux - Stichting Vrienden van Mekane-Hiwot - Stichting Hammerforum

Or watch the youtube movie "One Childhood"