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Who we are:

Foundation Massawa in a non-profit foundation setup to improve the standard of living of the Eritrea people.
During the last war in Eritrea between 1998-2000, many mobilized in order to assist with the humanitarian crisis that was unfolding. Deciding to set forth the positive momentum, Kookie Habtegaber and  Diana Bosch set up Foundation Massawa  in 2001 in order to continue the efforts more structurally.
Our motto as depicted by our logo, symbolizes “partnership in development”. The ‘clomp’ and ‘sheda’ shoes both depict hard work and fighting spirit in the respective countries – the Netherlands and Eritrea.
The name Foundation Massawa was chosen to indicate the bright future the Eritrean people anticipate with the outside world after three decades of armed struggle for Independence. The port of Massawa , also referred as the pearl of the Red Sea in earlier times, has been the gate allowing other civilizations to interact with the Eritrean people. We hope it will be the port to a positive and prosperous future.

Mission Statement:

Foundation Massawa strongly believes in partnership and exchange of Ideas and knowledge. Therefore we strive to forge a collaboration between the Dutch and Eritrean people in helping each other understand, share and assist in improving the lives of those who need help, albeit in a small way.
Foundation Massawa believes in helping people help themselves and therefore we work with requests from local communities and needs identified by the people themselves.
In the short term we hope to participate in the reconstruction and rebuilding process leading to a positive future. In the long term we want to assist in a sustainable manner. Our areas of focus are education and health care whereby the position of children is given extra attention.

What we do:

We have been active in supporting Eritrean children by providing sport and educational material, as well as basic medical items. We have mostly worked in schools that were set up for internally displaced children during the recent border war

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